Complete Grade 7 English Teachers’ Guides and Learning Packages






162 thoughts on “Complete Grade 7 English Teachers’ Guides and Learning Packages

  1. thanks for the complete guide of the first and second grading periods..I hope that the guide and learning package for the 3rd and 4th grading would come out soon as well..

  2. Muchas Gracias! These Learning Packages and Teaching Guides will really help in the successful implementation of the curriculum. Hope the LP and the TG for 3rd and 4rth Quarters will be published before 2nd quarter ends. Thanks

  3. i am now ready to start teaching grade 7… this new curriculum is much better and i am sure this will produce productive students in the near future… i’m Mrs. Maria Theresa Zulueta – Lara from the Pagadian City Division, Region IX.

  4. although materials are available online, we look forward that the modules or just the learning package will be in our students` hands soon. we are so blessed for this K to 12 curriculum, i`m sure this gonna be effective specifically here in Lanao if internet connection is accessible to all.

  5. Congratulations for creating this site to assist our teachers on the implementation of the K to 12 Curriculum and thank you for uploading the materials. It provides easy access to all.

  6. although i find K TO 12 CURRICULUM an innovation that may help our students, i think the grading system is still a bit vague on our part… i hope you could give us more enlightenment on the said part since we will begin to reinforce the curriculum very soon.

  7. thanks you help us a lot!!! i hope the lp and tg for the 3rd and 4th quarter will come out soon..thanks again!!!

  8. where can we get our audio cds for our lesson in listening? do we have access on them thru the internet? thanks.

  9. The first time i glance and read it i know i wil love it!this is what we are looking for!really great curriculum

  10. Where can we get the text for First Quarter Lesson 7’s “The Rice Myth”, and Lesson 8’s “The First Monkey”? Some texts in the lessons are not provided. Thanks.

  11. With the complete Learning Package and Teaching Guide, it gives us a better direction what to teach and how to teach. Is Lesson Plan also provided? so all we need to do is to study how to execute the lesson. You will make teachers’ lives easier if you can provide lesson plan. Matsala!

  12. as I read the LP and the TG of this Grade 7, i really feel that even if I was not able to attend the said training, I may still be able to impart it to my learners. for the reason that all the materials needed are provided. it’s as if I as a teacher is also returning to my high school years where things are well provided. and education made easy and enjoyable..

  13. k to 12 curriculum is the best step for grade 7 class for them to cater this new curriculum we the teachers of k to 12 hope to upload the 3rd and 4th quater lp and tg for us to have guidelines and tools for making this k to 12 continue to enhance to the grade 7 students….thanks and godbless to all

  14. the facilitators in our seminar Prof Metila and Prof Padilla of UP diliman promised that the soft copy of 3rd and 4th quarter lessons would be sent to our school, if not, it would be posted on this site. We are still hoping for that because time runs so fast that in just several days, we will be reaching the 3rd quarter..tnx

  15. Hello, Language Team.. We really hope to have a copy of the audio materials for the listening tasks.. Is there a way that we could download it?
    Thanks. God bless.

  16. i just had my audio recording of Phil. Folk Literature descriptions … Thanks to Audacity ! My studs really enjoyed it … πŸ™‚

    • i did the same thing with the listening activity mam.. i used audacity, too. it pays to have a little of creativity and resourcefulness.. πŸ™‚

      • hello grace!I’m an english teacher also.where did you get the recording?how can i have that also?

      • i made it myself maam. if you have a laptop or any recording device, you can do it yourself too.

  17. I hope the TG and LP for 3rd and 4th quarter will be available soon. For us teachers to have a lieu way to familiarize them. Thanks.

  18. We’re currently working on providing copies of the reading texts for our students. I just noticed that the “YOUR TEXT” section of Lesson 6 (Revisiting My Past) and Lesson 7 (Connecting to My Past) can’t be found in the Learner’s Package (1st Quarter). Are we going to research on our own texts for “The Rice Myth” and “The First Monkey”?

  19. Are the learners’ Package and Teachers’ Guide for third and fourth quarter already available?
    Will they be posted here?

  20. Good rainy morning! Sir/Madam, the activities in the teacher’s guide and learner’s package are not achievable in the time allotted for them. Will it be okay to use the rest of the lessons intended for the First Quarter during the Second Grading? The lessons are just too good just to be skipped po kasi.

  21. Good morning po! English teachers are hoping for the availability of the teaching guide and learning package for the third and fourth quarters. Can you please give us the idea when it will be served through the web?

      • It is already October and how come the copies for the package and the guide are not yet been released. Hopefully it will be released, the sooner, the better. Thanks. God bless.

      • Please be informed that the Grade 7 English team was expected to produce only the first semester materials in time for the national training of trainers. Given the exemplars provided in the first two quarters and the matrices of competencies for the last two quarters, we empower our teachers to develop their own learning packages and teaching guides. All these materials have been turned over to the DepEd Central Office. It is also advised that given the thematic focus of each quarter, suitable texts found in the existing textbooks provided by the DepEd may be used. Thank you.

      • Hi, I would just like to clarify that. There will be no supplied TP and LP for 3rd & 4th Quarter, just like in Filipino subject, for English? Meaning English teachers should not expect those guides? Regards.

  22. Need help! I’ve been searching for the lp @ tg for grade 7 english, 3rd and 4th quarter. . . Hope u can help me. . . Thanks

  23. hello gud afternoon when are you going to post the third and fourth learning package?
    Although I find the package very innovating for the students,but most of the activites are not catered for average and poor learners.

  24. i really like this curriculum ..marami kaming natutunan sah english .,like FANBOYS. subject verb agreement, about sentence and everything ..

  25. Teachers are always open for changes and innovations and we are very thankful for the LP and TG.Hope the 3rd and 4th qtr lessons will be posted soon. God Bless

  26. im starting to be anxious now. i think 3rd grading approaches faster than we thought. i really hope and pray that the learning pack and teaching guide for 3rd quarter, at least, will be published here sooner. God bless you language team!

  27. Some of the reading text are not in the learning package, but it is indicated YOUR TEXT, the text is nowhere to be found. Hope the TG and LP for the 3rd and 4th Quarter will be uploaded the soonest possible so that we can have enough time to go over the lessons before the quarter starts. Likewise, where can we access the listening materials for the lessons intended for LISTENING. Anyway thanks for the effort in coming up with TG’s and LP’s for the 1st and 2nd quarter. Godspeed!

  28. I hope they do triple or quadruple time in finishing the 4th & 3rd quarter English TG and LP, because cooperative teachers are anxious to have it.

  29. this post really helps allot.. i wish that the provider will continue to provide until grade 12, if possible, for the years to come.. MORE POWER

  30. i thought im the only one looking for the 3rd and 4th qtr TG and LP… really hope it would come out really, really soon… thanks so much…

  31. 2nd Grading Exam is coming, i hope TG and LP for the 3rd and 4th quarter will really be posted before September ends as promised. thank you and more power!

  32. Hope to receive complete packages of 3rd and 4th quarter YGs and LPs before the semestral break so we teachers can talk and plan about it during the Mid-INSET of this school year. Thanks so much.

  33. it will be 2nd quarter exam by next week and yet we still dont have the copy for 3rd and 4th quarter, when will u release the copy? we still have to prepare for the lessons pls. post it asap. thank u.

      • Please note that the Grade 7 English team can only work with parameters set by the DepEd itself. While the plan was to produce all quarters, specific restrictions have surfaced in the course of the first semester that are beyond the control of the Grade 7 English team. Thank you.

      • How about the themes? Can we have at least the themes for the third and fourth quarters? Kind regards.

      • What we only have are the matrices and themes. But I am wondering the sub-themes will be given or we’re going to make our own too based on the themes given. We’ve started third quarter using the lessons prepared by our Master Teacher, based on the competencies and the themes given by DepEd. But I am just wondering about the sub-themes because I thought they will be given too.

  34. Oh, my gosh! During the regional training, we were told that the 3rd & 4th quarter packages and guides will be available through this blog site before the second quarter ends. With 100% trust to the language team, we believe, they will post them, here at the promised time. How come that the Filipino team were able to post the same earlier, while the English were unable to do so? Now, with the explanation that English teachers are free to make their own…Why is that? If the team cannot make it, how about us? We have no time on this, so, therefore, we shall tend to be unprepared in facing our classes, with the burden of scanning old textbooks available, so to follow the provided objectives.
    Is it already final – that the English team will not provide us the learning packages and the teacher’s guides?
    Please enlighten us…

    • We understand the predicament. However, please note that the Grade 7 English team can only work with parameters set by the DepEd itself. While the plan was to produce all quarters, specific restrictions have surfaced in the course of the first semester that are beyond the control of the Grade 7 English team. Thank you.

      • please send us a title of the books and authors of it to be used for the next quarters… we are not fortune tellers. Remember exams of the students are coming from our division. Thanks!!!

      • If it’s not possible to give us copies of TG’s for the 3rd and 4th grading, could you please at least give us titles of short stories, poems, dramas, and grammar lessons that must be discussed. Please reply asap. Thank you!

  35. During the training, it was promised that the learning packages and teachers’ guides for 3rd and fourth quarters will be posted here by August or September. Why there is a sudden change of decision? Thank you very much.

    • Please note that the Grade 7 English team can only work with parameters set by the DepEd itself. While the plan was to produce all quarters, specific restrictions have surfaced in the course of the first semester that are beyond the control of the Grade 7 English team.

      • Other subjects already have their 3rd and 4th quarter materials. How come we don’t.

      • with all due respect, what are these “specific restrictions that had surfaced” then? i think we are entitled to a better explanation..

      • I find this really sad, we were hurried into helping implement this K-12 Program only to be left quite hanging by the same people who promised to help us through. I’m sorry for saying this but how can we know if this new program will really help in uplifting education in the Philippines when we only had the program half-cooked? I hope that the next school year would produce better outcomes, learning from this mistake… 😦

  36. if 3rd n 4th quarter LP n TG will not be available what are we going to use then? please inform us where can we have these materials because we will be having our 2nd quarter exams this Oct 11-12, 2012.. thanks a lot

  37. If the 3rd and 4th quarter TGs and LPs will not be provided, can we at least be given a syllabus of the topics to be discussed on the said quarters including the reading materials? Since major quarter exams are often unified we should be able to discuss topics included for 3rd and 4th quarters.

  38. Second Quarter ends already, I have been anticipating for the release of the Third and the Fourth Quarter, I hope it will come out asap for we are ready to start Quarter 3 by next week… Million Thanks po…

  39. To our Language Area Team, we do understand the unavailability of the Teaching Guide and Lesson Guide for English Grade 7- third and fourth quarters so i just want to confirm if you will then allow us to go back to UbD teaching guide as what one of our regional superviseo have said. So can we go back to using the UbD teaching guide?… Please reply.. Thanks so much.

  40. We are just done with our second quarter exam. Now if the Teaching Guide and Learning Guide will not be provided, how about the giving us the Curriculum Guide for the second semester? thanks

  41. we have just finished administering to our grade seven students second quarter examination…therefore after the semestral break we will move on to the third quarter….but the teachers guide and the learning package for the third quarter is not available yet….kindly furnish us the copy asap or if ever its not available yet kindly tell us what to use instead.muchas gracias!

  42. we demand now the 3rd and 4th quarter modules….i really cant wait, other subject areas are already sent….why not us?????

  43. Hi, could you pls send me the teaching and learning guide for 3rd and 4th quarter in English Grade7 before the class resume on the 29th? you have helped us a lot for the last 2 quarters. thanks a lot! More power….

  44. Hello. Dear Teachers, since we share the same sentiments, what about using this site as an avenue for us to share what we have in the third and fourth. I hope you will agree with the idea. Thanks.

    • Hi! just a simple sharing, I used the Shall We Walk? by Pura Santillan – Castrence as my first lit. lesson, I don’t know if it’s okay. just take one at a time, as long as the competencies on the matrix is followed, then, scan some activity/exercises from textbooks/UbD…

  45. ,hello..i’m mel, a substitute grade 7 english teacher, i badly need a copy of the learning module in english for 3rd and 4th quarter can i have one? thanks!!..

  46. to the language team sir and mams,
    pls post the 3rd and 4th TG and LP so that we will be guided. though we have the competencies the specific lessons are not visible and we still need to look for it. We are 4 teacher in English handling G7 and i admit we are not that intelligent to predict what is to be taught to our dear learners. I hope u understand our situation.Since you have already started and have given the copies of 1st and 2nd might as well continue in empowering us . thnx and godbless

    • they have parameters set by dep ed. that’s the only thing they can answer. don’t trust those people above us..they are not reliable either. how can the system change if we failed already in the beginning?

      if we failed, you are part of it.

  47. it just and proper that they will not leave us hanging….just give the competencies. we can make our own….we only need the competencies


  49. Apparently third and fourth quarter modules cannot be given to us teachers. Okay we get it, but can you please give us at least some sort of a guide? Everybody seems as clueless as I am with what should be done. Our Periodical examination comes from the Division Office…so if I use the UBD lessons, would it be parallel with K12 lessons? As of the moment we’re finishing up the remaining lessons in the second quarter, but after that….I’m totally clueless. :/

  50. there is no more TG or LP for 3rd grading…have u not read that from the reply of the english team? anyway, thanks for being there for the 2 quarters, now…i have realized, “this is another ningas cogon”. Poor teachers, we have to scratch our heads again. .

  51. Sir, this Loreto Ubanos Jr, husband of Elizabeth Casimero Ubanos please send us a copy of 3rd and 4th quarter for LP AND TG thanks a lot it is very useful. GOD Blessed..

    • The Language Arts Team already replied that there will be no TG and LP for the 3rd and 4th quarters. That was posted last October 2 as a reply to a question by a Betty M. Firmalo on July 30, 2012. They said that they encourage the teachers to make their TG and LP based on the give matrices and thematic focus of each quarter.

    • Any literary pieces written under the period of liberation. Thematic focus is “Asserting Myself”. The competencies can be downloaded from this site, Baitang7.

  52. hello po teachers.
    We happend to have this so called “English Time” all the lessons, activities, and literary pieces are in it, base on kuya na ngdedeliver the topics were based on K-12 program .
    The Quarter theme is Asserting My self
    Lesson 1 I am Unique – I am a Filipino by carlos p. romulo – simple present tense-collocations- types of essay – biographical sketch.
    Lesson 2 Sharing My Gifts – The Stanger by I.V. Mallari- tone and mood of the speaker- kinds of nouns- Features and basic types of personal essay
    Lesson 3- The Filipino In Me – Pliant Like the Bamboo by I.V. Mallari -present progressive- descriptive paragraph
    Lesson 4- Expressing Nationalism – Like the Molave by R. Zulueta da Costa -explicit and implicit details – mood used by the poet – past tense and past progressive tense – choral reading
    Lesson 5 – The Artist in Me – Rizal and the Ten-Pound Sterling Note

    I hope this can help u πŸ™‚ next time na po ung iba class ko na po πŸ™‚

  53. K-12 curriculum was crafted to meet the educational needs of the learners as the time asks for it to keep abreast in the fast changing world of education. In short, it aims of a competitive and quality students. However, how could a teacher produce such quality and competitive students if there are no materials available to meet those needs? I think LPs and TGs should be available ASAP so we teachers could give what you want us to give to students. Ty.

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