Materials for Grade 7 English Trainers










12 thoughts on “Materials for Grade 7 English Trainers

  1. Hello gud am po. This is Mr. Tim from CAR, I just noticed, the COMPLETE Learning Package and Teacher’s Guide (For the First and Second Quarters) have not yet been uploaded here. We badly need these especially so that these were not included in the CD’s that we received. Thank you very much.

  2. Hello! We really appreciate the electronic copy of the hand-outs. We are asking for a copy of the Assessment Powerpoint Presentation. We don’t have the copy of it
    ..Please upload here..thanks…

    • Hi! this is Marlie Arsolon from Cebu, we are glad to be in this site, it makes the materials for grade 7 easy to access, We really appreciate for your effort .We are hoping that the third quarter and fourth quarter Learning packages and Teaching guides will be available before the second quarter ends. thank you.

  3. One of the K-12’s main feature is the decongestion of the curriculum. But the way I see it in the progress that the teachers and students are making in the first quarter, there is so much in the first quarter for the teacher and students to handle. We are two week s behind… perhaps more. Perhaps having a story to read every week is too much especially for classes where students really need more remediation.
    But if the students coming in from grade VI are already independent readers, then the budget of work will be more manageable.

  4. Hello there. Thanks for uploading the 1st and 2nd quarter materials. We hope that you’ll also post the materials for the 3rd as well as the 4th quarter. Thank you in advance.

  5. please upload 3rd quarter english both the learning package and teaher’s guide… it’s already the end of the 2nd quarter period. thanks.

  6. to our language area team, asan n po 3rd and 4th quarter? kami na lang ala learners package and teachers guide, lahat n ng subjct areas meron n s kanila. anu n nangyayari.

  7. can we please have a copy of the learning package and teachers’ guide for the 3rd and 4th quarter? it’s already the start of the 3rd quarter and we still do not have it. Please…

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